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Unique gift idea - exotic Australian jerky
Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu in one try pack

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Each pack includes 30g (1.06oz) great quality exotic Australian jerky.
Crocodile, Kangaroo and Emu jerky inside the pack is sealed separately and labeled.

Quantity, packs Price Cost per pack
5 $59 $11.80
10 $100 $10.00
20 $190 $9.50
30 $270 $9.00
50 $425 $8.50
108 $864 $8.00

Prices are in Australian dollars and include delivery within Australia.

Overseas delivery option is available - please select Airmail (International) delivery option when you fill an order form.

We think you will agree that the jerky is reasonably priced. Jerky's a fantastic way of keeping yourself topped up on something settling in your stomach without worrying about long cooking times or preparation. It's also a fantastic source of good, strong flavour to enjoy while you're doing almost anything. You can enjoy it while you are throwing sports returning boomerang or are on the go. It's a little taste of the exotic from Australia that you can enjoy at any time.

If you're from overseas and you're in a country that, sadly, doesn't sell jerky of the quality All Jerky can provide you with, then this is no challenge either - we are content to ship overseas to get you your favourite snack, wherever you may live. If you're in Australia, however, you're in luck - we're happy to get your snacks to you in a reasonable time, and foreign or native, we'd love to hear from you after you've enjoyed your jerky.

 Exotic jerky - unique gift idea
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